My planning enquiry

Property search

This service is available for all declared interim schemes across Tasmania
Type in your property address (or Property ID) and view planning scheme zoning and overlay maps.


Development search (beta version)

This service is currently available for Launceston and Hobart (new release May 2016)
Check whether a proposed development is permitted, view the relevant planning maps and find rules related to your property. Create your own planning enquiry report.

There are three easy steps to generate a planning enquiry report: (1) Select your property address; (2) Select your development; (3) Answer a few questions.

Click 'next' to move to the next step.

We would like your feedback on this beta (testing) service to improve its delivery (the feedback link is located at the bottom of every page).


Things you should know:

  • The results of your enquiry should be considered as advisory only
  • Do not use commas or similar characters when typing in an address, spaces only
  • As you type, the address options will appear in the menu, choose from the options
  • Please be patient and allow the system time to retrieve information after clicking (the progress icon appears in the tab on your browser window).
  • Click on the grey question mark button to view more help information
  • Planning scheme maps are available for areas with declared interim planning schemes
  • Please refer to copyrightdisclaimer and personal information protection details.