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Assessment Type:
Management plan
Wellington Park Management Trust
Wellington Park Management Plan 2013 draft amendment to extend the Pinnacle Specific Area zone
Current Status:

The Wellington Park Management Trust develops management plans for Wellington Park under Part 4 of the Wellington Park Act 1993.

A copy of the Draft Amendment to the Wellington Park Management Plan 2013 (the Draft Amendment) and a copy of the report by the Chairperson, Wellington Park Management Trust, in response to representations on the Draft Amendment, are available for viewing by selecting the Exhibition or Show All tab.

At its meeting on 2 February 2015, the Commission resolved to hold a hearing on representations received on the Draft Amendment (in accordance with section 24C(3) and (5) of the Wellington Park Act 1993). A directions hearing was held on 6 March 2015 and a public hearing on the representations received was held on Monday 20 and 27 April 2015.

The Commission’s report has been provided to the Trust, and was notified in the Gazette on 1 July (and will be in The Mercury on 4 July) 2015, as required under the Act.

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For more information about the role of the Commission, go to www.planning.tas.gov.au

22/10/2014 Application for an assessment or review received by TPC.